Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

​High End Staircase Construction

Perfected Flow of Information, also for Craft Enterprises and Industrial Crafting


A continuous software solution from recording a staircase to nearly fully automated manufacturing!

From customer to customer on the information highway!

Compass Software has dedicated itself to this subject for years, with staircase manufacturers in mind!


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Operating Worldwide

Compass Software GmbH is one of the leading providers of software solutions for the staircase construction market segment. Our company has been active in this field since 1992 and currently employs a team of 33 staff members.


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Suitable for Every Company Size

Due to highly diverse customer structures, Compass Software offers a highly scalable and module-based software system for all areas of staircase construction, from designing a staircase and calculating it, to the controlling of CNC machining centres with up to 5 axes.

Our customers include small businesses, which produce few staircases each month, up to industrial staircase manufacturers, who produce more than 15,000 staircases each year.


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