Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

30 Years of Experience

The most important fundamental principle for CS has always been the incentive that customers have as little as possible to do with programming the CNC machines in their everyday business. Thus, the component processing programs on the CNC machine are generated fully automated.

Yet, the operator is still able to influence the process manually. Here, the so-called default settings, work as well. The machine, the units, the tools, as well as the processes are recorded in parameters, which describe the system completely. Again, the operator is aided by detailed graphical help relevant to the individual parameters.

Because CS has stayed compatible with regards to CNC connections for 30 years, an extensive compilation of sample settings for the different machine types exists by now. CS can confidentially claim that we are able to bring all kinds of machines into service, including old machines, which sometimes do not even have manuals anymore.


The automated calculation of centered clamping positions, be it vacuum cups or horizontal or vertical clamps, is, one of the important fields that is almost completely serviced by CS at this time. It is even possible (if the machine allows for it) to move or change clamping of parts between processes.

Likewise, we have controlled special machines, like automated tread- or post machines, even up to automatically loading them, in the past. This field will stay relevant to the market in the future.


In the last few years, CS has also dealt with the connection of CNC machines in other fields. Today, there are CNC processors for 

- Sunroom components

- Window components

- BTL / Joinery Elements.

However, construction data from other systems is processed in these fields. CS has the ability to adjust to almost any interface that is machine-readable. Since these systems have been developed on the same basis as the CNC processors for staircase components, CS is able to draw on the same machine pool as we do with staircases.

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