Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

​​Consulting Competences

In many cases, customers work with the SSPs in the same manner over extended periods of time. Sometimes there are even changes in staff without proper training. For these cases, CS offers consulting on how to stay on top of the system and it´s usage.



The account of Tom Gokshol, managing director at the company Tre Trapp A/S near Oslo, Norway:

Tre Trapp started staircase production in 1969. In 1995, we installed our first 4-axis CNC machine operated by the Compass Software. In 2007, we installed an additional 5-axis machine and new software from Compass. In 2013 the old 4-axis was replaced, in addition we installed a specialized CNC machine for tread production. Thus, Tre Trapp is currently operating on three CNC machines all controlled by Compass.

The installations in 1995, 2007 and 2013 were organized and planed in cooperation with the supplier of the CNC routers and Compass – and all three projects were successful. Still, things can always get better; on one hand ideas of improvements come along with experience working on the machines, on the other hand, the Compass software develops continuously with new functionality and production logics. Thus, one and a half year after we installed the two latest CNC routers we asked Compass for three days of consultancy.The goal was to identify changes helping us improve efficiency.

The results of these three days with the Compass were great. Several possible improvements were identified and verified. Some changes were implemented during these three days; some changes were initiated during these three days, and subsequently accomplished by our own staff, and some changes needed consultancy from the machine supplier. The changes in the way we use the software and the machine operations saves us approximately 40 minutes of work on the CNC machines per staircase. Additionally, some operations, previously done manually, are now finished on the CNC machines. For some types of staircases this saves us nearly 7 hours of manual work.