Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing




30 Years of Experience

Compass Software GmbH has collected an extensive know-how through more than 30 years of experience with international staircase construction.

The examples on the right side of the page demonstrate the flexibility and range of our system.


CS has managed time and again to adapt to changes within this market niche and was able to adjust to new developments at all times.


Throughout time the way of constructing staircases has frequently changed and differences between the individual markets were huge.


Meanwhile techniques are deeply intermingled, not least because of the possibilities the SSP ND provide.


During all times, CS has always oriented itself on market needs and has always been very responsive to customer desires.


The most important aspects in this field have always been, and still are, flexibility and applicability. Normally, these are two things that are mutually exclusive. However, CS has been able to bridge this gap with the SSP ND by incorporating a completely graphical help interface into the software, which reacts context-sensitive, i.e. the content adjusts to the input.



Additionally, the system of default settings has been expanded significantly, which makes it possible to automatically calculate a wide range of different types of staircases today.


​You can learn more about the Staircase Construction Module in our flyer: