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Compass Software´s Core Values


Business procedures cannot work without certain core values. Economics need rules and norms, otherwise it will destroy itself.

These core values claim things from us that we cannot always live up to, but we do not want to give up on being responsible for the things that are important to us and which we have identified as the right thing to do. This attitude helps us to show appreciation for everyone involved, which leads to powerful partnerships.



We have decided to orientate our business towards the following core values:

  • We do our utmost to satisfy our commitments and obligations.
  • Our appreciation pertains to the individual and their company.
  • Our business is marked by consistency and clear goals.
  • We face reality and are truthful when dealing with each other.
  • We value honest business.
  • The foundation of our success are long lasting customer relationships.
  • The basis for our satisfaction are customer relationships based on partnerships.