Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

IWF 2018 in Atlanta

​The IWF 2018 in Atlanta, GA was a full success. Our Atlanta based team represented Compass Software at the trade fair. Many of our U.S. and Canadian customers and industry experts visited us at our booth. As usual, the Microsoft HoloLens was one of the highlights for visitors. Next to the virtual staircases, we also displayed handrail parts that had been manufacturerd with Compass Software and were donated by our customers Feil Hardwood Flooring and Atlantic Corp. (in cooperation with Zipbolt). We would like to thank all visitors and partners for the great event.

DREMA 2018 in Poland

Compass Software sales representative Jens Eckert and our Polish dealers Robert Topka and Michal Suchorzewski exhibited at the DREMA 2018 in Poznan. As expected, the trade fair was a full success. Many customers and visitors stopped by the Compass Software booth. We were able to schedule many CNC installations and upgrade options at the trade fair.

Furthermore, we were able to host the new Flexijet measurement system at our booth, which celebrated its premier on the Polish market. Next to the Microsoft HoloLens, which is always a visitor magnet, we were able to exhibit staircases, which were sponsored by Bialic Schody and attracted many curious eyes. We would like to thank all visitors for their interest, Bialic Schody for the great staircases, as well as our dealers TopBit - Robert Topka and MSC - Michal Suchorzewski for the close collaboration.

In-House Trade Fair at Meyer & Grave

In April, our Sales Representative Hermann Hasebrink exhibited at the in-house trade fair our longstanding customer Meyer & Grave hosted in Germany. Many industry experts visited the event, amongst them several Compass Software users. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about hands-on solutions for their workshops.

Visitors at the Compass Software booth were especially impressed with the online configurator, which makes it possible to design staircases on any device online. We want to thank Meyer & Grave, as well as all the visitors, for the great and successful event. If you did not have a chance to talk to us at our booth, we are happy to answer your questions anytime:

125. Anniversary at Falkenberg in Norway

Our partner A. Falkenberg Etft. AS from Norway, celebrated their 125. anniversary in October 2017. In honor of this occasion, Falkenberg organized a four-day long in-house trade fair in Norway. Of course Compass Software was there to celebrate Falkenberg. Our CEO Detlef Hollinderbaeumer and Sales Representative Martin Stockhausen were only two of the approx. 70-80 visitors that came to the trade fair each day. At the fair, Detlef and Martin had a chance to meet our first machine-customer from Norway (and also outside of Germany), the owner of Meisland Trapp AS, Oddvar, Meisland (1. picture on the left: right Tjark Busch, Service Technician at Falkenberg and left Oddvar Meisland, CEO of Meisland Stairs). Meisland came to Compass Software through Falkenberg in 1985 and was the first customer of the then called Compass GmbH in Norway. The CNC machine that was set up was a brand new technology in 1985 and it is still being operated and used as a backup machine in the woodshop today (see picture below). The company also operates another modern processing center with Compass Software and plans to expand even further. We are thrilled that we were able to celebrate Falkenberg on their Anniversary Trade Fair and we are confidently looking ahead onto the next 30 years of partnership and friendship with Falkenberg. Congratulations!

User Meeting in Austria and In-House Fair at Handl Machines

The Company Handl Machines from Austria organized an in-house fair in mid October this year. Of course Compass Software was there to exhibit. Furthermore, Handl Machines made it possible for us to host a user meeting for customers from Austria and the surrounding areas. Users had the opportunity to learn more about new features for our stair and timber solutions. Sales Representative Hermann Hasebrink focused his presentation on our BTL interface for timber construction and the group milled several timber parts on a 5 axis SCM Accord 25FX CNC machine with automated table.
The machine had been installed by our technicians completely online previous to the event. All in all the meeting was a full success and users seized the moment to exchange experiences and ideas. We would like to thank Handl Machines for making this event possible, as well as everyone who attended!

User Meeting in the US

Our Atlanta office hosted a user meeting for our American and Canadian customers last week. Users had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with users from other companies at the event, as well as receiving expert tips from our sales and service staff. Overall the event was a full success and provided an excellent platform for the exchange of know-how and learning. Thank you to everyone who attended!

The HoloLens at AWFS in Las Vegas

Sales Representatives Martin Stockhausen and Hermann Hasebrink presented Compass Software at this year's AWFS Trade Fair in Las Vegas, USA. Some of our customers visited us at our booth, but we also had the pleasure of meeting many new faces, who were interested in our software. The big highlight were the augmented reality glasses HoloLens. A big thanks to everyone who visited us and we are looking forward to seeing you again in 2 years!

Presenting the HoloLens at Ligna 2017

Once again we are able to look back at a successful trade show week at this year's LIGNA in Hanover, Germany. Many of our customers, partners, and industry experts visited us at our booth. Even some of our employees made the trip to see us at the fair.

​Next to our versatile software solutions for staircase and timber construction, we also presented our new development for the utilization of augmented reality. Visitors had the opportunity to test out the Microsoft HoloLens (AR glasses) at our booth. This opportunity drove many staircase builders to our booth, who then had the opportunity to experience virtual staircases on a real to size scale on the show floor.

Furthermore, we had the pleasure of meeting one of our longstanding customers who came especially far to see us. Our customer from New Zealand has been using our software on his machines for about 10 years now. However, up to now, we have not had the opportunity to meet him face to face, since the entire installation and servicing of the software has been conducted online so far.

Now we are pleased to look back onto these and many other highlights from last week. We would like to thank the entire Compass Software team, our partners, and all visitors!

Martin Stockhausen exhibits at SMA Annual Conference

​Sales Representative Martin Stockhausen exhibited at this year's Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association's (SMA) annual conference again. The event was held from March 30. to April 1. in Tuscaloose, Alabama.

During the conference, Martin had the opportunity to present Compass Software to the attendees and also talk to them in person at his booth. Martin was able to meet many of our customers and bring them up to speed on the software, but also got to know some new faces. All in all it was a successful event!

In-House Trade Fair at Papenbroock

German Head of Sales Klaus Eilers exhibited at the in-house trade fair of the company Papenbroock (10/28 - 10/30/2016). Attendance was great. Klaus had the opportunity to speak with many of out customers, but was also able to meet a few new industry insiders. Alltogether we are happy about the outcome and we are especially pleased to hear that business is booming for many staricase builders. If you have questions and would like to contact us, please do so anytime!


Success at W16 in Birmingham

Once again we are happy to look back onto a successful trade fair period. Our Sales Representatives Jens Eckert and Juergen Gerdt are pleased with the outcome.

The Compass Software team had the opportunity to welcome customers at the booth and update them on the newest development in our software. Furthermore, they were able to shate their excitement about the software with many new faces. Many thanks to all the visitors and if you would like to hear more, you are more than welcome to contact our Sales Team anytime here.

A Retrospect of the IWF 2016 in Atlanta

​This year’s IWF was a full success. Our sales representatives were busy showing off our software and presenting Compass Software’s special trade show offers. We would like to thank the many customers who came to see us during the four days of the show, as well as all the new faces we were able to meet. Furthermore, we would like thank Zipbolt for their collaboration and for partnering with us this year!

If you did not get a chance to visit us at the show, feel free to contact our U.S. sales reps anytime.

SMA Workshop in Keene, New Hampshire

Martin Stockhausen exhibited at the most recent stop of the SMA nationwide workshop tour at King and Company Architectural in Keene New Hampshire. The workshop was a full success and Martin was able to present Compass Software to the attendees.

We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our software and we hope to see you at the next stop! Contact Martin

​Photo: David Bennett, Studio 50

Wood Expo Shanghai, July 5. - 7, 2016

Sales Representative Hermann Hasebrink supported out Chinese Partner at the WoodExpo in Shanghai last week. While being in China, Hermann had the opportunity to join and experience the Chinese business world.

Hermann and our Chinese partner presented our software to the visitors at the Chinese trade fair. We are pleased with the successful trade fair experience and the opportunity to further strengthen our international business ties.

SCM Distributor Open House April 26 - 28, 2016

Our Sales Representative Juergen Gerdt attended the SCM Distributor Open House in Nottingham, GB last week. He was there as a representative of Compass Software and had the chance to showcase our newest software solutions to the other attendees. Juergen had the opportunity to catch up with our partners at SCM, as well as other staircase manufacturers who showed much interest in our software. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Juergen directly:

The SMA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX

Our Sales Representative Martin Stockhausen attended the SMA Annual Conference in April, as well as exhibiting Compass Software there. The event was very successful and due to the great interest he was not able to go into depth discussions with everyone.

We’d like to thank the SMA once again for the great event and also for letting us be part of the Breakout Session on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity for us to show off our software!

(photo credit to Dave Bennett, Studio Fifty)

Holz-Handwerk 2016, Nuremberg

This year´s Holz-Handwerk can be described as a positive event through and though. We were able to present ourselves with our new trade fair booth, which reaped many compliments from the visitors. Holz-Handwerk set a new record, with over 100,000 guests in total. Visitors showed big interest in Compass Software and therefore, it was always busy at the Compass Software booth.

We were especially happy to have had so many intense conversations with our customers. Furthermore, we had the pleasure to meet many new industry insiders.

Special attention was paid to our LED light options and out newly developed photo-realistic 3D visualization.  

We would like to thank all visitors for the fascinating trade fair days and we are looking forward to welcome you at our booth at the next Holz-Handwerk between March 21. – 24. 2018.

WMS 2015

The Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference and Expo 2015 in Toronto, Canada (WMS 2015) has been a full success. Our sales representatives Martin Stockhausen and Hermann Hasebrink were able to welcome more than 50 visitors at our booth. We were especially happy to be able to chat with some of our already existing customers. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our software and the inspiring conversations. We are already looking forward to attend again in 2 years. We hope to meet you at the WMS 2017.

Ligna 2015

Many visitors came to see the CS booth.

Once again Ligna 2015 was a great success. Next to a number of new potential buyers, we had the pleasure of welcoming many of our existing customers at our CS booth in exhibit 14. The newest reports in staircase construction software, as well as our new BLT processors for the connection of CNC machines for wood construction, were received with great interest.