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Our modularly built software can be composed for many staircase types and details. Furthermore, it can be tailored to any size of company, as well as upgraded later if necessary. We make network licenses, mobile offset acquisition, price calculations, or the input of DXF-data possible. Furthermore, you can enjoy the use of three-dimensional visualization, detailed stock lists, or 1:1 output.

The descriptions on this page are a general illustration of different basic modules and options. Depending on your specific combination, some features may be available or not. Please consult with one of our sales representatives or partners to talk about individual solutions and combinations.


Presentation with

Before you can present a staircase you will have to construct it!

For this purpose we offer modules, varying in price and performance, with which you will be able to construct all common staircase types, right down to the last detail.


Additionally we offer supplements for specific staircase types, such as bolted staircases, folded staircases, spiral staircases, space saver staircases, etc.

There are different options to showcase these constructions to the customers.

Offline 3D presentation on-screen

3D presentation on tablets or smartphones

3D presentation at the customer´s home at any time

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Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to configure their own staircase at home, which will give them the time to develop their own ideas about all the possibilities available.






Producing with

Conventional Manufacturing

Compass Software offers a complete 1:1 output of all staircase construction parts for conventional manufacturing. This output is optimized on infinity plotters.

Furthermore, complete stock lists, which can be configured by the user, for all parts of the staircase and additional items, are made available to the user.



CNC Manufacturing

The controlling of CNC operated machining centers is the core competence of Compass Software GmbH. Compass Software offers software modules for the controlling of machines with up to 5 axes in one tool head for all components of the staircase. Because of the complete parameterization of the machine in the software, the modulation to the different models on the market is usually possible without programming and directly at the customer´s location. The end result are completely executable CNC programs, which are generated fully automated and transferred to the control system via the mechanisms described in the section organization below.

Compass Software also offers these services for the controlling of special-purpose machines.


Furthermore, products for position optimizing of parts on the machines, are also part of the Compass Software product range. There are options for controlling of positioning lasers, as well as the automated calculating of centered clamping positions.

Nesting modules (simultaneous saving of material), as well as the possibility to position several items on the machine table at the same time (Table), are tools for optimizing manufacturing processes.


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Organizing with

Compass Software offers different modules to ensure a smooth course in the handling of order transactions.

If more than one person is working on the overall process it makes sense to use network licenses, these are so-called float-licenses. This means that that it is possible to install the software on any desired number of computers in the network, but only a certain number of people can use it to construct at the same time (depending on the number of network workplaces).




The offset determination constitutes the beginning of the construction. Next to manual methods, there exist semiautomatic laser systems today, which either acquire the spatial situation accurately to the millimeter, or gather calculations from existing staircases. An XML interface exists as an option to read in data.



After the offset is done, one has to determine the right price for the staircase. Compass Software offers a complete cost calculation module for this purpose. Different calculations, from something like price list calculations to detailed post calculations of offering prices, and even exact expense budgeting, can be obtained through utilization of different configurators.



Furthermore, Compass Software also offers a system of time recording. The entire data is collected on building component level and can be adopted on evaluation systems on ERP level through CSV output, or analyzed directly, e.g. on EXCEL. 


User management is the basis for many such tools, which can be activated on every system. Through assignment of permissions, mistakes, such as operating errors, can be avoided.

Professional manufacturing in the 21st century is supported by communication systems which are based on usage of barcodes, RFID chips, or similar tag-systems.

Again, Compass Software offers a system that is completely integrated into manufacturing, which especially helps small businesses to organize data flow between preparatory work and production optimally. This makes work at every station of the workshop more efficient and less prone to errors.

All output of drawings or lists can be edited by the user himself. More advanced versions include a complete form editor. Next to output of texts and drawings, there are also elements for editing spreadsheets and pictures, as well as an interactive dimensioning module.



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