Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

Three-Dimensional Staircase Illustration Online

This module makes it possible to upload three-dimensional illustrations of constructions to the internet. 

By sending a link, the recipient is then able to view this customized three-dimensional construction online.

No special knowledge is necessary. The staircase is saved online on the Compass Software data base. Within seconds you will be able to access this photo-realistic 3D illustration online on PC, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The staircase is constructed with the SSP ND, for example with customized data or for promotional purposes. The finished construction is then exported to the internet. A link, with which you will be able to access the construction is generated while uploading the three-dimensional staircase illustration ​​​(from 3D-Plus).


Online, the recipient of this link is then able to zoom, turn, and move the staircase virtually into any direction.