Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing


CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing

This field is one of the two core competences of Compass Software Inc. Next to staircase construction, CAM is the other field, in which Compass Software has been working for more than 30 years. Three-dimensional manufacturing as well as controlling of special-purpose machines are no problem.

However, the controlling of the CNC-machine is not only about producing milling tracks or drillings. One of the most important features is the organization of a machine. This includes efficient management of tools, as well as providing operators with information.





The CAM module is highly flexible, fit to be interlinked, and does not really have a limit with regards to the number of axes. Even the coupled application of loading systems, such as loading portals or robots is possible.

Oftentimes, the CAM is equated with post-processing, however, this definition falls short. CAM is about trying to automate as much as possible in the workshop, about avoiding mistakes, and for making sure that the right information is always available to the respective machinery at the right time.

The operators are supposed to be able to concentrate on the product and not be diverted by having to deal with the programming of a machine.

The process planners, on the other hand, are becoming contact persons for the customers more and more and are not supposed to have to deal with the details of the machines either.


The road from designing the product to processing it with the machine has to be completely transparent, and should in no case cause any problems. To realise these requirements, Compass Software does not only help with staircase production, but there especially!