Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

Immediate CNC Connection

The following details are examples of different increments of the options available in the system. Please consult with our team to find out about the ideal combination for you. 


Implementation to the Machine

CNC controlling does not require additional software with Compass Software because of the existence of the machine module. The controlling functions directly through executable machine programs, which are generated directly andautomatically from the CAD data.


This approach has many advantages and is highly flexible, since it makes it possible to connect CNC machines across different platforms and independent of machine manufacturers.

The straightforward configuration of CAM connections is especially noteworthy. It is possible to create connections in very little time with almost no errors through modular programming components, which have been designed with the thought in mind that every machine already has specific applications available to it. This procedure saves costs and trouble.


We offer connections to all suitable machining centers from every well-known manufacturer available on the market.

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Tool Management


The system includes an entire module for tool management. The tools are entered in parameterized form and can be constructed in detail.

This is necessary to ensure that the real geometry can be used diversely in the future, e.g. with collision controlling or simulations. Some modules already allow for this. 

Tool Categories

CNC programming can be optimized with the help of tool categories. Within these, a set of tools is defined, which constitutes tools which are all used for a particular kind of processing or a certain type of drilling. The system is then able to decide autonomously, on the basis of the geometry, which tool is to be used.

Organization of the Machine

Once, during implementation, the entire machine is parameterized on the system. The sets of parameters that are created include all information necessary to execute the generation of CNC programs optimally and fully automated.


Additionally, there are sets of parameters for all possible processes. These determine in which units which tool will move in what way along the work piece, or how deeply to drill or mill a hole in screw lines. 

Further Modules

- Nesting

- Table Arrangement

- Suction Cup Positioning

- Controlling of Positioning Lasers

- and more

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Please consult with our team about the ideal combination of products for your business.