Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

Organisation and Manufacturing Become a Unit

​It is possible to set up the staircase manufacturing software "New Dimension" (ND) in such a way that it will become the centerpiece with regards to data communication and direct machine controlling with client/server network architecture in your company. All operation and production data will be saved centrally on a server, together with the software. They can be transferred to computers in offices or machines, or resp. CNC machines, via TCP/IP-network.


Every CNC machining center has its particular strengths, depending on products and building components. It is possible to decide for each machine individually, which specific part of a particular staircase is supposed to be produced there. The necessary data for a component for the controlling of the CNC technology is requested and collected from the server via barcode reader in real-time.



Even wide-belt sanding machines or edge, milling, and sanding paths can be controlled via barcode. This results in production sequences with high flexibility.