Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing


Stone Staircases of Every Kind

Compass Software offers the suitable construction modules, no matter, whether you are constructing an addition to an existing concrete core or a traditional bolted stone staircase.

There are a number of laser measurement systems for the offset of existing in-situ concrete cores on the market, which significantly simplify the process. Compass Software has created a XML interface for this case, which enables the automated transfer of the concrete core´s 3D model, so that the rest of the construction will be a piece of cake. Please ask your dealer whether he operates this interface!

The following constructions are examples of different increments of the options available in the system. Please consult with our team to find out about the ideal combination for you.


In-Situ Concrete Staircase

Import of order data into the SSP in form of XML data: The data is comprised of measurement data from measurement systems for the detection of ceiling holes and spatial information (walls, windows, doors, wall openings, cable ducts), as wells as basic data from the order.
Likewise, it is possible to read in and use measurement data from finished staircases (concrete cores, staircases which are supposed to be equipped with banisters, etc.) for further construction.


Bolted Stone Staircase