Staircase Construction & Timber CNC-Processing

Wooden Staircases of Every Kind

Compass Software´s New Dimension makes it possible to design entire staircase constructions that go over several stories and have balcony railings. Further options are walls with windows, doors, floor ceilings, sloped roofs, and other details. The following pictures can therefore only depict a small part of the full range of ND versions´ possibilities.

The following constructions are examples of different increments of the options available in the system. Please consult with our team to find out about the ideal combination for you.


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Multistory Staircase Construction


Countless, multifaceted varieties, including traditional mortised, or resp. open staircases, and even bolted, folded, cantilever, HPL, and elaborate arced staircases, are possible. Each option can be constructed individually in all different forms, straight, with wreath, or shape glued, by choosing the respective presetting.

Types of Staircases

Mortised Staircase

View in 3D

Open Staircase

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Space Saver Staircase

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Bolted Staircase

View in 3D

Folded Staircase

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Z-Shaped-Riser Staircase

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Staircase with Middle Stringer

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Spiral Staircase

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Versatile Banister Options

Because of the multifaceted range of designs and possibilities in banister details, it is even possible to use contemporary material mixes.

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Multistory Staircase Construction


Different kinds of banisters and posts are possible, which even make it possible to use material combinations like glass and stainless steel.

Banister Details

With posts and balusters

Parts curved or straight

Ranch railings, cables, stainless steel tubes

Glass infills

Top rail, bottom rail

Entrance details, exit details


Details and Individual Solutions

Just like fashion, staircase building also depends on the spirit of the time. Compass Software makes it its goal to consider these demands, which is why we are constantly developing new varieties and we also implement customer wishes depending on country of origin.

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Curved Staircase Construction

Individual connections are possible, as well as elaborate baluster and post variations. Further details that are important for the automated manufacturing are handrail or tread profiles, tread infills, and varied drillings (from dowels to LED-lightning).

General Details

Balcony railing and ceiling paneling

Walls, windows, doors, roof slopes

Tread covering

Tread infill

Glued lamination

Diverse drillings


Landing joists

Ball joints

Handrail parts