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3D Visualization

Production Management and Control

  • Complete overview in real time
  • Lead and delivery time reduction
    on all orders
  • Only one integrated software

CAD/CAM Complete Solution for Stair Manufacturing

  • Core competency and know-how in stair building since 1982
  • Versatile possibilities for staircase design
  • Connection of all established machines for stair manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing

We are experts in the fields of CNC connections and production management for timber construction.

  • Direct and fully automatic control from the software
  • Connection of all different CNC machines
  • Multitude of tools to increase efficiency

Case Studies

CAM/CNC Solutions for Timber Construction

  • Unique neutral processor for all timber processes and products
  • Cross-plattform control of all suitable processing centers on the market
  • Awarded BEST OF 2016 Industry Software for timber construction

Staircase Configurator

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Our Business Areas

From the beginning, we have been one of the leading providers of stair manufacturingsoftware worldwide. We offer complete solutions ranging from design and planning over three-dimensional visualization to nearly fully automatic CNC manufacturing.

Our interactive staircase configurator allows for fast, easy, and location-independent design of custom-made staircases, including all details needed for production. All data can be transferred to the machine seamlessly. This possibility is unique on the market and makes our staircase configurator especially innovative.

We import BTL or XML data from external CAD packages for our timber and window construction solutions. The imported data is processed through a unique processor. Individual parts can be prepared for the CNC in a self-determined order and the respective CNC programs are generated and transferred to the machine fully automatically. This solutions results in highly simplified work operations and cost-savings.

Compass Software

Our hands-on software makes manufacturing processes more efficient and customers are always sure to be using the best technologies in their workshops. We would be happy to advise you.

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Our longstanding experiences and know-how also benefit our customers when it comes to consultancy services. We professionally analyze customer-specific business processes and develop viable strategies for the economization of procedures. The implementation of our recommendations optimizes procedures and leads to a noticeable reduction in workload, saving of time, and a significant increase in efficiency for our customers.

Federal, state and European Union programs offer numerous subsidies and grants for businesses. Our software solutions and consultancy services are also eligible for these programs. Check what options you have! 

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