Specialist Training On-Site in Atlanta Office

Our customer Canadian Railings visited the Atlanta office for an intensive training early this week. Canadian Railing uses Compass Software exclusively for the planning and production of handrails. During the training with U.S. technician Steven, the team discussed applications that can make the production at Canadian Railings even more efficient. The customer received extensive training in both CAD and CAM. Amongst other things, the team focused on CNC production and optimization of tool changes, which will lead to savings of time during manufacturing. Furthermore, our technician familiarized Canadian Railings with the free form construction tool, which they had not utilized previously. By using this tool, the handrail builder will be able to construct even complicated staircases more easily and faster.

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Canadian Railings benutzt Compass Software für die Konstruktion und Produktion von Handläufen.

The team also devoted time to the presentation to the end customer. Steven showed the attendees how to expand their database for additional handrail parts, so that they can also be displayed in the 3D view. This will give Canadian Railings’ sales department another advantage over the competition. Tony and Fabio from Canadian Railings assured Steven after the training that Compass Software was an exciting program and they could not wait to get back to the workshop to implement the new expert knowledge they had gained. We wish Canadian Railings much success with that and we’re happy to hear about their eagerness. We are looking forward to future projects, which are already being planned.