SBA 3 Automatic Loading

Compass Software Optimizes Production Process

Innovations in the machine industry force businesses to invest in order to stay competitive. However, on the example of old SBA 3 machines it can be shown that this investment does not always have to be the purchase of a brand new machine. Even though SBA 3 machines are usually 15 years or older, it is possible to guarantee their profitability with only a cautious upgrade.

Upgrading these machines for automated loading via robots promises a significantly more efficient production process. It represents an enormous benefit while keeping the investment reasonable.

In Demand with Many Shops

Loading via robots upgrades the SBA 3 machines to state-of-the-art technology. Loading and unloading of the parts, which are to be processed, will be managed entirely by the robot. “One of our customers gave us the idea. We immediately saw the need for it”, explains Compass Software’s CEO Detlef Hollinderbaeumer. Compass Software controls the data flow for the machine and generates the CNC programs, vacuum cup positions, as well as the work lists for the entire machining center.

The investment pays off based on the longevity and durability of the SBA 3. “Customers will be able to actually measure the success, because loading the machine via robots optimizes the capacity of production enormously without notable reduction of precision and performance.” This is in the interest of many woodshops.

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Compass Software

Appointing Work Force Optimally

Upgrading does not only save time and money, but also labor – the shortage of skilled workers is a problem in the entire industry. Therefore, it is important to appoint available employees efficiently. Skilled workers can be deduced from supervising the machine and are able to concentrate on the planning and organization of other projects. Other than freeing employees’ time, loading with robots will also open up other capacities: Next to the customary main dayshift, it is possible to utilize an upgraded machine in such a way that it will also be able to keep working during the night, provided that the required amount of material can be made available.

This illustrates: Old machines do not necessarily have to be replaced. Loading of machines via robots gives staircase manufacturers the opportunity to keep relying on the tried and tested features of their sturdy and durable machine, while still being able to produce with state-of-the-art technology. Upgrading the machine results in beneficial time saving and innovative production, as well as simultaneously opening up the valuable capacities of skilled workers - the advantages are compelling.

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