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Staircase Configurator - Plan Staircases Online and Manufacture Directly

Our internet-based staircase configuratorallows for fast, easy, and location-independent design of custom-made staircases, including all details needed for production. The end customer specific staircases are displayed in the internet browser three-dimensionally and can be changed interactively by the user. The Configurator can be used on any web-enabled device anywhere in the world - PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

The Configurator makes it possible to stay flexible and edit staircases at any time. It is possible to try out different design options and to visualize them instantly. Next to many other features, it is possible to change the staircase type, as well as try out diverse materials, surface treatments and winding details. This is especially applicable for field sales or respectively the stair-end customer, who can interactively view and edit their own staircase directly on-site.

All staircases designed online can be seamlessly transferred for production.

Start planning your online staircase:

Stair Configurator

As soon as all measurements are correct and all data is according to customer wishes, the staircase is ready for manufacturing, since all production data is already saved on the server. This possibility is unique on the market and makes our staircase configurator especially innovative.

The stair builder has complete control. A content management system allows the owner to largely self-administer the content in the Configurator and to customize it to the demands of their own corporate design, e.g. with their own logo and company colors. It is also possible to gain access to user-specific data and output, such as ground plan and price forms after login in with a unique username and password.

The tool is is characterized by its clear and simple structure with intuitive user guidance. The transparent and easy to understand outline of the settings and the different menus make sure the user always stays on top of things. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Not only staircase experts will find their way through this tool easily, but also end customers with no previous experience.

Our Staircase Configurator is the perfect bridge between carpenters and the end customer. Furthermore, the module is an excellent tool for anyone looking to reorganize their sales processes and to optimize business procedures that involve resellers.

The staircase is designed online by going through different menus. The data is then transferred via the internet to the server, where they are processed in the cloud-based staircase manufacturing software to become a complete and individual staircase design, which already includes all necessary data for production.

Simultaneously, the data is sent back to the web-enabled device (notebook, tablet, smartphone ...) in the form of staircase data and a 3D depiction of the designed stair. The image can the be enlarged, shrinked, turned, and zoomed in all directions. The user can view a detailed 3D model of their staircase from all sides and if applicable see information regarding price calculations etc.

Start designing your own staircase online:

Stair Configurator