Spatial Three-Dimensional Stair Visualization

Compass Software offers different visualization possibilities for staircases in 3D.

Three-dimensional display is a helpful tool for design and sales. On the one hand, 3D visualization helps the stair builder to make sure that all details of the staircase are consistent and to avoid mistakes, on the other hand, a tool like this makes it possible for the end customer to properly imagine the finished staircase.

Our software offers different possibilities for 3D visualization. These range from a basic 3D depiction in the program itself, to augmented reality (AR) with the Microsoft HoloLens.

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3D Visualization

This form of 3D visualization is part of every Compass Software CAD package. The visualization helps stair builders to check details and to make sure the stair design is consistent. The 3D visualization displays all details with the respectively assigned materials. Software users are able to change details, such as posts, balusters, materials, etc. with only one click in the 3D mode. This makes trying out different combinations and finding the best design child's play. It is also possible to display walls, windows, doors, furniture, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to view the staircase from every angle in this mode by turning, moving, and zooming the staircase to one's heart's content. The finished product can then be screenshotted and inserted on forms, e.g. an order form, which is then forwarded to the end customer.

3D Plus Online

The 3D Plus Online module is an extension, which allows users to upload their finished staircases to the internet. The 3D model of the staircase is saved on a server and the user can send a link directly to the customer or a business partner. Recipients of the link are able to view the 3D model of the staircase on the internet and are also able to turn, move, and zoom the staircase as much as is desired.

This extension can be an important sales tool. It is possible to show the customer different models of their potential staircase. Furthermore, this visualization tool makes sure that the customer is completely satisfied with the finished design.

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Photo-Realistic 3D Display

Photo-realistic 3D visualization is another extension of the integrated 3D software module. The finished staircase models are imported into the photo-realistic visualization tool and can then be further edited with additional elements.

The visualization tool offers additional possibilities for furniture, materials, and other design elements. Furthermore, it displays realistic incidences of light from windows, lights and other light sources. With this tool it is possible to simulate any shadows that will occur in the finished construction.

An integrated day and night mode makes this visualization tool even more realistic. Furthermore, it is possible to capture the finished designs in  panoramic images. The finished staircase depictions can be sent directly to customers. 

Staircase Configurator

Next to the visualization possibilities in the Compass Software program, we also offer an internet based Staircase Configurator. This tools allows for the design and display of staircases online, similar to what the full program offers. The Staircase Configurator's intuitive navigation makes it possible that even unexperienced end customers are able to design stairs without problems.

Compass Software users are able to provide the Staircase Configurator to their customers and partners on the company website. It is the perfect tool to support resellers. The Staircase Configurator is customized with the corporate design of the individual stair builder.

Users are able to decide which stair types, elements, details, materials, etc. are available in the tool. Those design possibilities can then be used to create combinations of any kind.

The tool also generated a 3D image in real-time. This makes it possible to view the stair from all sides at any time during the process.

Since the Configurator is internet-based, it is possible to operate it on any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world. This makes the tool especially valuable for in-field sales.

Sales representatives can design and edit the staircase together with the customer in real-time. It is possible to change and display different details, such as materials, balusters, and posts with only one click.

Additionally, the Configurator automatically creates forms in the back-end, such as orders, parts lists, and price calculations. The finished staircase can be transferred seamlessly to manufacturing. The savings in time for job preparation are enormous.

Try our internet-based Staircase Configurator here:

Stair Configurator

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the latest development offered on the technology market today. To experience this tool, the user needs so-called augmented reality glasses. One of those AR glasses available is the Microsoft HoloLens. The HoloLens creates an augmented or mixed reality for the wearer. Other than VR glasses that transport the user into a completely virtual reality, AR glasses create a reality that is expanded by an additional - digital - plane. The wearer sees their real surroundings through the glasses but it is possible to display targeted virtual elements into these real surroundings. Such a tool is especially interesting for the architectural market. The application possibilities for stair builders to work with AR glasses are endless. The HoloLens allows Compass Software users and especially also their end customers to try our different materials and details on a 1:1 scale during the shell construction state of the process. Users can see in detail what different staircases would look like in the end. This gives them the safety of knowing that all elements harmonize with each other. This is without question a very powerful sales tool. Additional application possibilities are being planned for the future.


Next to the manifold application possibilities for design and presentation, the glasses could also be utilized during production in the future. Different features could be possible, e.g. the utilization of AR glasses in the workshop and during CNC manufacturing. We would be happy to provide more information.

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Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality technology allows the user to create a virtual room that includes the staircase. The finished scene is uploaded and visualized with the help of virtual reality software and a headset. The wearer of the virtual reality glasses is able to move around and turn in the virtual room. This creates the illusion of a finished space. Customers are able to view their finished staircase in an environment that is very close to the actual room situation. It is also possible to add furniture, windows, doors, etc. to this room as to create a virtual reality that comes as close as possible to the actual room. This tool is a huge help, especially for customers with poor visual thinking.