Production Management and Control

Our solution for production management and control optimizes production up to batch size 1 and is designed to reduce processing times, as well as offering an overview of all production areas in real-time.

This solution is especially attractive for the timber processing sector, where it represents an important strategical topic in regards to efficiency increases and future projects for every business.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple and efficient utilization of resources
  • Complete overview in real-time
  • Decrease of processing and delivery times on all orders
  • Small rotating stock, small inventory
  • Easy coordination of individual special orders
  • Flexibility with short-notice orders
  • More wiggle room to react to sudden disruptions or changes at any time
  • Only one integrated software that is directly connected and synchronized with the ERP system.

Production planningand scheduling is generated automatically by the system depending on delivery dates and the complexity of the order. Therefore, the hassle of planning is eliminated completely. A clear overview of all processes is available at any point during production. This facilitates the optimal use of resources while keeping the flow of materials low. High efficiency is guaranteed, even for increasing production. From purchasing to delivery, everything is planned and processed "just-in-time".

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The advantages at a glance:

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