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Compass Software Extended Executive Management

Compass Software, one of the leading specialists for CAD/CAM staircase manufacturing software and CAM/CNC timber solutions, extended its executive management with two additional members at the beginning of 2020.

Compass Software Executive Management

The current CEO Detlef Hollinderbaeumer will be supported by Ludger Ostendarp and Lukas Hollinderbaeumer effective immediately. This step was taken to preserve and guarantee the high quality and customer satisfaction in the future. Increasingly big decisions can be discussed and made together as a team. With this step, the company is confident and well equipped to start off the new decade.

Ludger Ostendarp has been involved in the development of the company’s software solutions since the founding of Compass Software GmbH. He is a shareholder of Compass Software and, as a partner, has participated in decisions around the business for many years. As Head of Development, he knows the software from all angles and is well suited to make decisions about important company projects.

Lukas Hollinderbaeumer has been involved in different Compass Software projects for several years as well. He designed and oversaw the construction of our modern trade show booth, as well as the modernization and eco-friendly renovation of our headquarter in Dortmund and has been holding the position of Head of Project Management since 2019. Lukas is especially well versed in practical matters, due to his completed apprenticeship in carpentry and his degree in interior construction engineering. His dedication and modern, practical approach breathe new life into the company. Lukas is especially interested in promoting new concepts.

The extensive experience of Detlef Hollinderbaeumer, the sound expert knowledge of Ludger Ostendarp, and the practical experience of Lukas Hollinderbaeumer make the new executive management team the perfect fit to conquer future projects and challenges. The team has already proved its compatibility and competence in making thoughtful decisions together. Thus, Compass Software can confidently start a new chapter in the company history.


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