Customer Terhalle prints In-Situ Concrete Staircase in 3D with Compass Software

German customer Schreinerei Terhalle GmbH & Co KG created several staircases via 3D print on a scale of 1:25 and 1:100 for two of their current orders. The construction of the staircases, as well as the DXF export, were executed with the staircase software Compass Software. All of the templates were put out with Compass Software as well. Through this technology the concrete worker was able to create four in-situ concrete staircases successfully. Additionally, the templates for the treads were also provided to the stonemason via the Compass System.

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Compass Software Kunde Schreinerei Terhalle GmbH & Co KG, hat für zwei Ihrer aktuellen Aufträge, Treppen per 3D Druck im Maßstab 1:25 und 1:100 hergestellt.