Dry Wall underneath a Staircase

This module lets users utilize the empty room under the staircase and transform it into a new storage area. The module makes the creation of a matching dry wall underneath the staircase a breeze and offers the perfect combination of style and functionality. Users are able to insert a panel or a wall underneath the stringer. The resulting room can be used as a storage area. The module can also be utilized as a decorative element. It is possible to select from different materials.

To create the panel the user simply has to activate the option in the construction underneath the stringer. The program calculates the correct measurements automatically. Subsequently, the dry wall element appears inside of the infills in the program and from there can be printed as a 1:1 template, inserted into the forms, or transferred to a CNC machine. The module is an excellent sales tool as it helps to visualize the storage room underneath the staircase to customers.

Read more here: Dry Wall Underneath a Staircase.pdf

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Das Modul ermöglicht es die passenden Verkleidungen unter einem Treppenaufgang einfach zu erstellen und somit perfekt den Stil der Treppe und ihre Funktionalität zu kombinieren.