Employee Milena Won Gold Medal at North American Championships

Milena Schaefer, General Manager at our Compass Software Inc., won the North American Championships in powerlifting.

The North American Championships were held by the International Powerlifting League (IPL) in Orange Beach, Alabama in Mid-October. Milena was able to secure 1. place in her weight class and over all women in the classic raw division with a total weight of 1168.4 lbs (457.4 lbs. squat, 242.5 lbs. benchpress, 468.4 lbs. deadlift).

During a powerlifting competition, athletes have to lift as much weight as possible in three events: the squat, the benchpress, and the deadlift.

We are impressed by this strong performance!

Milena Schaefer and Coach Tony Walton at the North American Championships