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Careers at Compass Software

We are constantly on the lookout for new, motivated, and competent employees for our sales, support, and development teams. We are looking for people that we can work with on a longstanding and trustful basis. If you love to help create innovations, please take the initiative and send us your application! We will give you space for your ideas as part of an dedictaed team. 

What our employees think of us:

Compass Software

I like that Compass is represented all over the world. Therefore, everyone is really open and we have great interactions with each other. I also like the flat organization and felxible work hours.

Daniela Rückwald - Administration

Compass Software

Even if I did not like the trade I am learning here, I would still try to find another job at Compass Software. They offer everything you need for a pleasant working atmosphere here. 

Meik Babinski - Trainee Marketing

Maschinentechniker Steven Chiu

I like working at CS because it lets me interact with a diverse group of coworkers and customers. It is also very satisfying to help a business grow as they use our software to succeed.

Steven Chiu - Support, USA

Systemadministrator - Fachinformatiker mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung

I especially love about CS that I can merge this job very well with my private family life. There is a harmonious atmosphere between the coworkers and everyone is helpful and understanding. 

Samir Rabbasy - IT

Compass Software

Due to the flat organization working at CS feels like being a small gear in a larger system. Technical advancements and specializations are made possible and are encouraged. Furthermore, it is possible to influence your own personal wellbeing at work. There are different procedures in place that make it possible to voice suggestions for improvements and to influence the future development of the business. 

Eva Rosenstock - Development

General Manager - Niederlassung USA

I like working at Compass Software because everyone is treated the same, no matter whether you are the CEO or a trainee. There are many opportunities for new ideas and independent work. The executive management always has a sympathetic ear for the individual employee´s circumstances and allows for flexible working conditions, such as working from home. Overall, the whole team is nice and friendly and it is fun going to work and spending time with the colleagues.

Milena Schäfer - Administration, USA

Compass Software

Everyone at Compass is nice and friendly. You are always welcomed with a smile when you walk through the door in the morning. This always helps me start my day in a good mood. 

Nune Najaryan - Trainee Development

Compass Software

I like the great working conditions, flexible work hours, friendly atmosphere, and the regulated work routines at Compass Software.

Lilli Beichel - Administration

We have a lot to offer! Here are some of our employee benefits:

Compass Software
Great Work Climate and Working Together as Partners

You will be surrounded by friendly and competent coworkers. Everyone is valued. We are proud of our flat organization.

Compass Software
Trainee Programs and Further Training

Compass Software nurtures! Not only during vocational training, but also everyone else with opportunities for further training. This will keep your mind sharp.

Compass Software
Employee Benefits

Our employees get state-sponsored lunch and public transport subsidies. That hits the spot and it´s great for the environment.

Compass Software
Work-Life Balance

We offer opportunities to work from home. This makes it possible for our employees to balance their home and professional lives with peace of mind.

Compass Software
Ergonomic Work Space

Of course we are also concerned about our employees well being in this aspect. Our office chairs are ergonomically friendly and all desks can be adjusted for height.

Compass Software
In-House Yoga

Namaste. Compass Software offers a weekly yoga session. A well-experienced yoga instructor comes to our office and takes care of our employees´ inner equilibrium.

Compass Software
We Work Agile

At Compass we use the agile workflow principle. Everyone works independently in several product teams. This does not only make for a productive and cooperative work style, but also a great transfer of know-how.

Compass Software
Lounge Area

This space lends itself perfectly for a nice cup of coffee or tea. Relax for a few minutes with a book from our in-house library.

Compass Software
Job Bike

Be active. Compass encourages you to be active and makes job (e)bikes possible.

Compass Software
In-House Library

We vote once a month! Everyone can vote for the next book that will be added to our employee library in the next month.

Compass Software
Office Shower

You want to take your bike to work or go for a jog during your lunch break? No problem! We have a shower that promises a refreshing cool down.

Compass Software
Coffee for Everyone

Our coffee kitchen always delivers a freshly brewed cup of coffee.