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Innovative CAM/CNC Software Solutions for Timber Construction

Next to our flexible and highly precise solutions for stair manufacturing, we also offer CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) solutions for timber construction. These are based on various interfaces that are serviced by all common timber design software. Our CAM module is highly flexible, network compatible, and allows for an unlimited number of machine-axes. The control of units with 5 axes in one head is standard practice and makes three dimensional interpolated processing possible. We also offer coupled application of loading systems, such as feeding systems and robots. The most important goal of our software is to make sure that customers have as little to do with the programming of the CNC machine in their daily operations as possible. To ensure this our software automatically generates processing programs for all parts on the CNC machine.

BEST OF 2016 Industry Software

The Initiative Mittelstand (German non-profit organisation that supports SMEs) awards particularly innovative IT products and solutions that make medium-sized businesses fit for a successful digital future with the INNOVATION PRICE-IT. Compass Software's CAM/CNC solution for timber construction convinced the jury and was awarded with BEST OF for the INNOVATION PRICE-IT 2016. This makes our solution one of the top software in this industry.

Nearly fully automatic processing of the most diverse products, while simultaneously offering cross-platform compatible control of all suitable processing centers available on the market with only one software was not possible before the launch of our timber solution. CAM Timber results in a groundbreaking innovative leap at wood shops, as well as making the execution of your work processes significantly easier, faster, and cheaper.

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CLT: Cross-Laminated Timber Processing – Machine Independent Control

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is considered the material of the future by building experts around the world. However, the processing of cross-laminated timber on CNC machines poses several challenges that need to be overcome. Compass Software offers optimised and customer specific solutions that result in smooth CLT-processing. The achieved precision accuracy during processing saves time and money.

We are able to control CLT-capable CNC machines from all established machine manufacturers. The generated CNC data is machine specific and adjusted for the individual processing center. The CLT solution is customised for each customer separately.

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Manufacturing with cross-laminated timber plates is conducted with special processing strategies that are calibrated to the size of the plates. Processing is implemented with location-specific CNC programs: Compass Software does not calculate the individual CNC programs until the plate has been positioned on the machine. The CLT plate is scanned with a laser and the programs are calculated according to those details. This ensures precise processing of all parts on the plate.

All processes can be controlled in detail before machining in the processing simulation.

Pin table, vacuum cup, and clamp calculations are possible and are an excellent complement as an additional option.

BTL Interface

BTL data from external CAD packages is imported, the individual parts are prepared for the CNC in a self-determined order, and CNC programs are generated fully automatically and transferred to the machine. The most remarkable thing is that the special BTL format can be used for all processes and products in the timber industry (e.g. sunrooms, windows, doors, etc.) through a unique neutral processor.

Additional interfaces are possible on request.

Versatile Processing Possibilities

After import there are only a few steps left that have to be completed before processing. Additional options in the software are selection of parts, 3D visualisation, and individual customisation of processing. Users have the ability to prepare individual parts in a self-determined order for the CNC. The respective CNC programs are then generated fully automatically and transferred to the machine. In order to control processing, it is possible to view all parts spatially as a 3D model and to turn them into the precise processing position. If discrepancies occur, the user has the ability to delete already existing processing programs or add new ones at any time. Should there be questions or uncertainty at any point, the software includes detailed graphical pictures that help with the assignment of all processing details.

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Control of all Established Machines

Just as in stair manufacturing, we are able to control all established machines. Compass Software can connect all kinds of machines, which also includes old machines that sometimes do not even have description manuals anymore. The CNC code that is sent to the machine is influenced by the machine properties. These include tool settings, approach and departure movements, speed, etc. Regardless of settings, the user is able to determine the way of processing at any time.

You can find further information about CNC processig here.