Stair Manufacturing

Our integrated complete solutions for staircase manufacturing control and manage the entire staircase production process. Our software supports you during all stages: from the first sales pitch and job preparation, to manual or CNC controlled staircase production and assembly of the staircase at the job-site.

Sales and Job Preparation
Production and Assembly
Post Calculation
Planning and Organizing

To plan and price material requirements better, it is possible to calculate and export complete plans, parts lists, or packing lists. The necessary data for the calculation is taken directly from the individual stair design.


The system calculates coverings for the treads. These can be used as packaging during shipping, as well as tread protection during construction.


In the case that staircase elements are shipped via a third-party vendor, it is possible to export shipping lists, which include the respective weight information. The same data can also be transferred to common ERP and administrative systems via direct interfaces.

Post Calculation

A complete calculation tool gives a detailed overview. From price calculations to detailed post calculations of the offering price, everything is possible. A perfect complement to our PROCON-module.

Acquisition of Data

The project is acquired. Project data can be transferred to established ERP and administrative systems.


The already acquired data is compiled into an order.


Mounting points are clearly marked with the software. The barcode function allows for the assignment of parts on-site. The necessary assembly times can be captured accurately via an integrated time management tool.


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With more than 30 years of experience in the international staircase business, we have collected an extensive know-how that ensures the flexibility and wide range of our software.

The manner in which staircases are built is constantly changing and evolving and differences between various markets are vast. Nonetheless, we have been able to successfully accommodate changes in this corner of the market and adapt to new things throughout time.

We have always kept our developments close to the demands on the market and have always strongly responded to customer wishes.

Flexibility and ease of use have always been and continue to be important factors for our staircase construction solutions. Usually, these two factors are mutually exclusive.

Our software has managed this balancing act with its built in complete graphic help interface, which adapts according to context, i.e. the help content changes depending on what the user is doing.

Additionally, we have extensively developed the system of predefinitions, which makes it possible to calculate vastly different staircase types automatically.

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Complete CAD/CAM Solution for Stair Manufacturing

We are experts in the field of CNC connections. We have been implementing functional connections of our CAM-Software since 1983 and have been controlling fully interpolated 5-axis machines for milling of staircase railing and stringer wreaths since 1987.

We can connect all suitable processing centers from all established manufacturers on the market across platforms.

The development of custom individual solutions to satisfy customer-specific practical needs is our specialty.

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