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Virtual and analog - 50 heads, concentrated energy. Our employees are our greatest strength.

Our success is based on our staff's outstanding abilities and their distinctive knowledge, but most of all their passion to tackle even the biggest challenges head on.

Many of them have been with us since our foundation. We are proud of their longstanding company loyalty. Together, we are shaping a future that is based on the experiences we have collected for many years in our professional and human cooperation.

Whether we are hired to professionally analyse individual business procedures, to develop hands-on strategies for the economisation of work operations, or to support users with the implementation of our software, our customers can always rest assured that they are advised by a qualified and dedicated team.

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Lilli Beichel

Administrational challenges and organisation are her thing. She never loses her cool in stressful situations. She stays on top of things and is always friendly. Managing her family and exercising keep her fit and well-balanced. 

Fachinformatiker mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung
Carsten Hoffmann
IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

Is as cool as a cucumber. Seldom the first on set, but once he shows up sparks are spraying. Resolves developmental tasks with perseverance and diligence. Minimalist. On weekends he races around curves with his motorbike.

Maschinentechniker Steven Chiu
Steven Chiu
Mechanical Engineer - Support for U.S. and Canada

Is very smart and a quick study. Enjoys solving problems. Always lends a helping hand. Explains things so well, the customers don’t even need help anymore. No concept is too complex for this engineer. Permanently jetlagged. He also speaks Chinese. Beware of his strong hits on the tennis court. His secret: he sings along when he is alone in the car. 

Sekretärin Daniela Rückwald
Daniela Rueckwald

Even the most complicated quotes can’t make her break a sweat. She processes any order with precision and efficiency. Abstruse administrative language and complex bank affairs are a piece of cake. She proves her love for healthy foods every morning with colorful granola-fruit varieties. 

Sekretärin Claudia Gierse
Claudia Gierse

Her linguistic gift is indispensable. No text can defy her scrutiny. Finds text errors where none seem to exist. Her patience never wears thin, she's been restoring calm in the day-to-day business for more than 20 years already. She bridges the gap between management and staff with finesse and masters every task with ease. At home she always finds the right ingredients for a harmonious meal with dog and partner.

Fachinformatiker mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung Marco Kastrup
Marco Kastrup
IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

Completed his vocational training with Compass Software and stayed. He loves exploring new technologies. Our go to for anything internet related. When he is not programming he is “holding all the strings”, slips into the role of a medieval sword fighter, or brings life to the party with his harmonica-tunes. 

Diplom-Informatiker - Entwicklungsleiter
Ludger Ostendarp
Computer Scientist - Head of Development & Executive Management Team Member

Special programming? Intricate problem? This is the right man for you! One of the geniuses behind the program from the beginning. His laugh can be heard throughout the entire office. Always has well-meant advice and lends a friendly ear. Besides programming languages, he is also fluent in speaking backwards. As the West-German table tennis champion he is our resident celebrity. 

Fachinformatikerin mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung, Softwaretechnik B.Sc.
Eva Rosenstock
IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development, B. Sc. in Software Engineering

Her fresh and flexible nature brought agile software development into our workplace. Is constantly on the lookout for current developments in the world of programming. Our company library is entirely her fault. She enjoys life together with her wife and three cats. Reads and travels a lot. South America lover. 

Diplom-Informatiker Stanislaw Wrobel
Stanislaw Wrobel
Computer Scientist

Has a predilection for tricky jobs. Loves to be challenged to find solutions. Has an eye for the smallest details of the small details. Accuracy is his secret weapon. His heart beats for his family and the FC Schalke. His exotic travels awaken wanderlust in us all.

Ihsan Guezeldag
Computer Scientist

Mr. Dependable himself. Has been with us since forever. His heart belongs to the height construction. Eagerly shares his knowledge. Finds the devil in the detail, but if an error should be found in his code, he will not rest until is has been erased. Ambitious perfectionist through and through. Passionately slides into any tackle on the cinder pitch.

Werkstudentin Jessie Zeukeng
Jessie Zeukeng
Working Student

Is finishing her bachelor´s in medical computer sciences. Calm and well-balanced. Passionately prints and animates 3D and 2D objects. Has fun developing new software. Was born in Cameroon. Is fluent in Yemba, French, and German. Bookworm. Dances Kizomba und Bikusti.

Ingenieur für Innenausbau, Leitung Projektbereich und Mitglied erweiterter Geschäftsführung
Lukas Hollinderbaeumer
Interior Construction Engineer - Head of Project Management & Executive Management Team Member
Tischlermeister Alexander Dörr
Alexander Doerr
Master Carpenter

Solves every problem with well-founded expert knowledge. Carpentry is not the only thing he has mastered. His support is always calm and thoughtful. Is there when someone needs help without fail.

Vertriebsmitarbeiter Martin Stockhausen
Martin Stockhausen
Sales Representative

Ph.: +49 291 952 896 77
Ph.: +49 231 981 290 0
Mail: stockhausen@compass-software.de

      Direct Sales

      • USA
      • UK and Ireland
      • Norway
      • Europe

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      • Baltics
      Vertriebsmitarbeiter Hermann Hasebrink
      Hermann Hasebrink
      Sales Representative

      We've only known him with a smile on his face. Faces any challenge head-on. Built stairs himself for the longest time. Knows practice and theory like the back of his hand.

      Ph.: +49 231 981 290 728
      Ph.: +49 231 981 290 0
      Mail: hasebrink@compass-software.de

      Direct Sales

      • Europe

      Dealer Support

      • Poland
      • Czech Republic
      • Greece
      • China
      Auszubildende Fachinformatikerin für Anwendungsentwicklung
      Hong Tram Pham
      Trainee: IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

      Her cheerful demeanor adds spice to the world of numbers. Already lived out her creative streak during her apprenticeship as a florist. Her dream: developing her own game. Is frequently surrounded by technology in her free time as well. Loves to sit on the sofa gaming or watching Netflix with her boyfriend and her two dogs.

      Sebastian Baecker
      Information Technology Officer

      Addresses new tasks with gusto. Dedicated. Precise. Open for new things. Takes work forward with constructive criticism. His eagle eye catches every inconsistency. Has a green thumb. Loves watching people run after a ball for 90 minutes at a time.

      Diplom-Informatiker Geschäftsführer
      Detlef Hollinderbaeumer
      Computer Scientist – CEO

      The captain of our ship, who finds safe harbor in every storm. With passionate devotion with us since the beginning. Visionary. Innovator. Doer. Is to be blamed for everything. Always gives 100%. Needs coffee to function. Appreciates good food. You can find him at a Yoga session.

      Diplom-Informatiker - stellvertretender Entwicklungsleiter
      Manfred Hoernemann
      Computer Scientist – Assistant Head of Development

      Has been with us from the beginning. Can implement (almost) any theory and masters every programming hurdle, no matter how big. In a nutshell: our problem-solver. Is nice and socially savvy, even though he is a genius. When he gets a moment away from poring over the source code, his table tennis game is on fire or has his nose in a book. 

      Projektleiterin Svenja Stahnke
      Svenja Stahnke
      Project Manager

      Expert in everything wood. Trained carpenter. Degree in interior finishing. Master´s in wood technology. Has been working in the timber industry for 20 years. Fluent in English. Manages every project with ease and efficiency. Born in Cologne. Rosenheim is her home of choice. Nature-lover. Enjoys mountain biking and hiking. Plays contrabass and ukulele.

      Technische Dokumentation
      Werner Hoernemann
      Technical Documentation

      Central player from the start. His aesthetically pleasing awareness and incredible ability to imagine things three-dimensionally, make all of the software's support drawings so precise. His self-explanatory images are worth more than a 1000 words. Migrating bird of the company, more likely than not he can be found down South during the winter months. Well-balanced, funny and always open to new things. 

      Informatikstudent Torsten Rotte
      Torsten Rotte
      B.Sc - Information Technology

      IT is his calling. The computer science studies are his pride. Sails through every exam. Straight-A student. Sees through ever concept in a second, however complex it may be. Offers his help wherever he can. His motorbike can be heard over the treetops when he roars through the beautiful Muenster region.

      Diplom-Holzingenieur Serviceleiter
      Gereon Max
      Wood Engineer – Head of Support

      Masters the most complicated installations with his pronounced logical-analytical thinking. Our linguistic genius: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch. Pragmatist with a steady gaze on the objective and solution. Reconciles all of the technician's schedules expertly.

      Leiterin Marketing
      Diana Michalczyk
      Head of Marketing

      Finds the right framework for any kind of information. Has an eye for beautiful things. Gives out a compliment whenever she can. Is (almost) always game for a bit of fun. Her daily portion of chili spices up the business. 

      [Translate to Englisch:] Salvatore Gandolfo
      Salvatore Gandolfo
      Wood Technician, technically trained in CAD and CNC

      This German with Sicilian roots lends a helping hand with every software hiccup. Talented craftsman. Previously worked in the object and store fixture building industry. Is well versed in everything CAD and CNC. Open and friendly. We love his positive spirit. Takes matters into his own hands. Soccer Fan. Favorite player: his son.

      Auszubildender IT-Systemmanagement
      Christopher Steiger
      Trainee: IT System Management

      This man is interested in everything IT and support. Already proved his handyman skills during his vocational training as a cutting machine operator. His technical knowledge on operating CNC machines and the creation of CNC programs is impressive. Doesn´t only love his local soccer team, the BVB, but is also his family´s biggest fan. Is always able to deliver a funny line, a helping hand, or some sage advice.

      Compass Software employee Sven Riese
      Sven Riese
      Trainee: IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

      Is convinced that every problem has a solution - even if it requires hours-long puzzeling over. If, at any time, things don´t always run smoothly, he takes a walk outside during his lunch break to view the task from a different perspective. His favorite kind of work is teamwork. Is always game for a bit of fun. Attacks his goals with motivation and enthusiasm. Doesn´t even bother to round before reaching the fourth decimal place. Loves to ride his bike and his family is his everything. 

      Vertriebsleiter Klaus Eilers
      Klaus Eilers
      Head of Sales

      Ph.: +49 2871 277 80
      Ph.: +49 231 981 290 0
      Mail: eilers@compass-software.de

      Direct Sales

      • Germany

      Dealer Support

      • Netherlands
      • Austria
      • Switzerland
          Holztechniker Christian Axtmann
          Christian Axtmann
          Wood Technician

          Has been working with Compass for over 2 decades. Keeps the customers happy with his friendly and patient temperament. Is always interested and dedicated. Vegetarian. Athletic. Loves nature. His favorite thing is riding his mountain bike in the Black Forest. 

          Auszubildende Fachinformatikerin für Anwendungsentwicklung
          Nune Najaryan
          Trainee: IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

          Tricky programming problems are her thing. The native Armenian is always striving for more. She is now pursuing vocational training on top of her already existing bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Wants to improve her German skills. When she is not programming, you might find her doing some shopping, photography, or sitting on the couch with a good book or series.

          Technische Projektabwicklung Johannes Neth
          Johannes Neth
          Technical Project Execution

          Mamma Mia! This German does not only love Italy, but he has also lived and worked there for some time. Trained carpenter and academic wood technician. Open. Adventurous. Likeable. Does not fear the unknown. Interested in anything automation. A man with many talents: Used to be a circus performer in his youth. Passionate about playing guitar, piano and djembe.

          [Translate to Englisch:] Mediengestalter im Compass Software Entwicklerteam Christian Rotte
          Christian Rotte
          Media Designer, Application Developer

          Self-taught application developer. He transforms good ideas into impressive applications with much professional skill and enthusiasm. Lifestyle is his metier; he used to design and develop an online shop for premium lamps and home accessories. In his free time he likes to drive his BMW across the country.


          Wolfgang Muenter
          Computer Scientist

          This early bird always catches the worm. CAM is his profession. Indispensable for our development team. Likes to let off steam dealing with large software concepts. Prefers for things to be well-planned. Programs efficiently and eats liquorice even more effectively.

          Auszubildender zum Fachinformatiker mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung
          Abdullah Orabi
          Trainee: IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

          Resident spring chicken. Gets a kick out of learning. Is motivated and proactive. Even moved to be at Compass. He packed his suitcase with: independence, curiosity, and dedication. Sports fan. Even though his heart beat for the Syrian national soccer team so far, his new secret love is Borussia Dortmund (BVB).

          Systemadministrator - Fachinformatiker mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung
          Samir Rabbasy
          System Administrator, IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

          Solves every hardware problem in a jiffy. Knows every computer inside out. Faithfully available at any time, during day or night. Flexible. Service-oriented. Likeable. Courtesy is his virtue. Undercover superhero - also at home.

          General Manager - Niederlassung USA
          Milena Schäfer
          General Manager, USA

          Our general manager for all eventualities. Her all-round talent is her biggest asset. Multitasking is her second name. Globetrotter. Even the biggest loads cannot force her to her knees, since she handles hundreds of pounds daily by following her big passion: powerlifting.

          Werkstudent Jonas Wotzlawski
          Jonas Wotzlawski
          Working Student

          Software development? IT? AR? No problem for this guy! As a student of computer sciences, he is familiar with such things. Since August 2020, he has been applying his skills to Compass Software. Next to his hobbies in computer sciences, he has several other interests: Whether it might be in playing video games, rock climbing, playing volleyball or badminton – he does not hesitate to face his opponents head-on.

          Monika Schulte-Müller

          Juggles all the figures. You can count on her. She has a cool head, handles large amounts with ease, and keeps the company well balanced. Her creative cake creations bring all the coworkers to the yard. 

          David Hollinderbäumer
          Certified Business Administrator (Chamber of Commerce)

          He fashions every customer´s perfect software package with wit and finesse. A man with many talents: plays several instruments and works on his old-timer Trabant. Loves taking walks in the idyllic German town of Olfen with his wife and baby.

          Verwalter Wilfried Steinbeck
          Wilfried Steinbeck

          A bedrock of the company. Crafts every license key by hand. His guiding principle: "You barely start doing it right - and already it works!" Lends a helping hand without exception. DIY king. Always has a funny line on his lips. Casually beats problems, age, and his weaker self away on the Squash court.

          Holztechniker und Schreinermeister
          Sven Steiner
          Wood Engineer and Master Carpenter

          Loves to puzzle over tricky questions and does not let up. Is proactive and thinks ahead. No inquiry is too complicated. Always has a piece of helpful advice. Empathic, communicative, open, and a real team player. Takes the most beautiful photographs. Is always in the picture.

          Werkstudent Abdullah Ourfali
          Abdullah Ourfali
          Working Student

          Studies computer sciences at the Technical University in Dortmund. Came from Syria to Germany in 2016. Already studied economics at home. Volunteers as a math tutor. Dedicated and open. Athletic. Loves fitness and running.

          [Translate to Englisch:] Compass Software Mitarbeiter Jakob Unger
          Jakob Unger
          Project Manager

          He keeps all the projects in check with his level-headed approach. His humor makes everyday office life a breeze. Nature, woods, and mountains are near and dear to his heart. He feels most comfortable in the bike-saddle or with ski underneath his feet. Expert in everything forestry and wood. Sports fan: loves Bundesliga, basketball, and ice hockey.

          Leonard Broeckelmann
          Carpenter and Wood Technician

          Skilled carpenter. Has designed and built stairs by hand in the past. Loves cabinetry. He enjoys designing his own furniture pieces in his free time. Sporting ace. Daredevil: He will speed down mountains and hills with his mountain bike.

          Auszubildender in IT-Systemmanagement Meik Babinski
          Meik Babinski
          Trainee: IT System Management

          Has far-reaching knowledge in the areas of IT and media design. Doesn´t only enrich the marketing department with his technical know-how, but also with his positive, easy-going spirit and his tireless zeal. He likes spending his free time in front of his computer as well. Together with his fluffy bunny, this eSports fan will face every enemy.

          Werkstudentin Spandana Matapathi
          Spandana Matapathi
          Working Student

          A true superwoman. Already has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication as well as experiences as an engineering assistant. Now, she is doing her master’s degree in mechatronics. When it comes to virtual reality, she is our go-to. Always optimistic and hard working. In her free time, she likes to play guitar or to go out with her friends or roomies.

          Werkstudentin Lea Borgelt
          Lea Borgelt
          Working Student

          Studies Applied Computer Sciences. Lives with roommates. Animal lover: Has a rescue dog, African giant snails, and three centipedes. Vegan. Has a predilection for plants. Passionate concert-goer.

          Auszubildender zum Fachinformatiker mit Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung
          Robin Valerius
          IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development

          Is always on the lookout for new challenges. Dedicated to the hands-on stuff in life. Computer-lover. Escapes to other worlds with video games, fantasy, and science fiction books.

          Esther Hollinderbaeumer

          Studies IT at the Technical University Dortmund. Organized. Diligent. Cheerful. Keeps fit by riding her bike or crushing it at Jazz Dance.

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