CAD/CAM Installation for New Customer Aro Trappen

We installed our CAD/CAM Stair Construction Software at the location of our new customer Aro Trappen in the Netherlands late last year. The customer, who had already been using the Wagemeyer System in the past, had a good feeling with Compass Software from the get-go. The CAD installation and training was conducted by our Dutch dealer Erwin Kamp from Kamp Automatisering V.O.F. Afterwards the Compass Software technician configured the CAM programs on the SCM Record 220 with 4 axes. The installation went smoothly and the team was able to mill several test pieces right away. We are looking forward to working with Aro Trappen in the future!

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Compass Software hat Ende letzten Jahres bei unserem Neukunden Aro Trappen aus den Niederlanden unsere CAD/CAM-Treppensoftware eingerichtet.