Compass Software Connects New Machine at Trappentoko

Jeffrey Pels, owner of Trappentoko, and his team are successfully producing staircases for the Dutch market. The young company has been able to achieve a steady growth since its founding, which was supported in a big way by their user-friendly website:

Just before Christmas, owner Jeffrey Pels decided to fulfill one of his biggest wishes: He wanted to update his somewhat outdated tread machine with a CNC that could produce treads just as fast as the old machine but would also be able to process other staircase parts.

Through a collaboration and consulting with Compass Software he found the ideal solution for him: Control of his workshop through barcodes to achieve maximum flexibility on a new standard CNC with two units.

A Compass Software technician connected the new SCM Accord 25 FX in the last week before our Christmas break in 2018. Based on the vast CAM experience our team has collected, the installation went smoothly, and production was taken over from the old to the new machine on day four of the installation.

With the new system the machine operator now only has to scan a barcode, call up the CNC program, and put the wood on the machine. The rest of the process is calculated automatically with Compass Software and moved with the automatic vacuum cups on the SCM machine.

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] 2018 nahm der Compass Software Techniker die neue SCM Accord 25 fx bei Trappentoko in Betrieb
[Translate to Amerikanisch:] 2018 nahm der Compass Software Techniker die neue SCM Accord 25 fx bei Trappentoko in Betrieb
[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Jeffrey Pels Besitzer von Trappentoko

We are ecstatic about the smooth installation, the significant simplification of the work process, and the efficiency of the new machine. The CNC makes it easy to produce a high volume of treads, but also stringers and posts if necessary.

Jeffrey Pels - Owner

The customer was so impressed with the ease and efficiency that Trappentoko’s other CNC machine, a Masterwood, which was connected by Compass Software in 2017, was also upgraded with the barcode feature.

The next step is already in progress: To make the company website even more valuable to end-customers and to highlight the staircases even more, the company will be implementing the Compass Software Staircase Configurator in February of this year.

We would like to thank the Trappentoko team for the great collaboration and wish them much success in the future!