Compass Software now integrates Virtual Reality Technology

The realistic experience of staircases and their actual premises is possible in Compass Software via virtual reality headset! This represents a new way of giving realistic presentations. Virtual reality technology enables your customers to experience their staircases on a completely new level. With virtual reality technology the actual effect of the staircase in its environment comes alive. It visualizes the staircase’s actual dimensions in the room and serves as a great help to customers who might not have a great sense of visualizing three dimensional spaces.

Users are directly integrated into the visualization which marks a unique form of presentation. They are able to stand in the middle of the room and look around as if they were on-site. A realistic digital "site inspection" is already possible during the construction phase. Therefore, the staircase can be experienced as if it were already built. Advantages and disadvantages of individual elements – shape, scale, winding details and so on – can be tested and experienced digitally. This leads to better purchase decisions and less complications during the further course of the project.

The operation of the VR headset is really simple: Start app, insert smart phone, interact through movements and gaze. Users are autonomous and are able to focus completely on enjoying the application.

Compass Software options 3D Plus and GammaRay version 18 are prerequisites for this feature, since the output of the staircase, or respectively the room, are realized via GammaRay technology.

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Das realitätsnahe Erlebnis einer Treppe inkl. Räumlichkeiten über eine VR Brille ist jetzt mit Compass Software möglich!