The Exact Initial Calculation of Staircases Has Been Integrated

The initial calculation of staircases has been improved as a result of the cooperation with Anton Wagemeyer. The winding of most European standard staircases is now already calculated optimally at the initial calculation, so that the need for manual editing becomes obsolete. Additionally, an optimized version has been developed for the Dutch market, which deals with the winding of typically Dutch staircases. If users wish to make changes to the winding nonetheless, they still have the usual tools for editing of the winding available to them.


Version and up.

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] ‚ÄčIn Kooperation mit Anton Wagemeyer wurde die Erstberechnung der Treppe verbessert. Die Verziehung der meisten europ√§ischen Standardtreppen wird ab sofort schon bei der Erstberechnung optimal berechnet, sodass keine manuelle Nachbearbeitung notwendig ist.