Wilfried Steinbeck Sent Off to Retirement

Wilfried Steinbeck is one of the true veterans of our company. He has been an indispensable team member since 1985, even before today’s Compass Software was founded.

Back then, Wilfried was mainly responsible for hardware development and has been crafting every license key by hand ever since then. Back in the 80s the license keys were still built into the main frame of the computer. Once, this option became problematic, due to warranty reasons, Wilfried developed an external parallel license key that could be used for all common computer models on the market. With the rise of laptops and computers without the old ports, today’s USB license keys were developed.

Wilfried Steinbeck's goodbye party for retirement at Compass Software.
Wilfried Steinbeck is sent off to retirement by Detlef Hollinderbaeumer.
Wilfried received gifts from the Compass Software Employees.
The goodbye at Compass Software was accompanied by many laughs.
Wilfried Steinbeck is sent off to retirement.

Next to these pivotal developments, Wilfried also worked as the Chief Technical Officer at the old COMPASS GmbH. Shortly after the founding of today’s Compass Software GmbH, he started in the position of Head of Support. Internally, Wilfried developed the company’s databases, which are still used for administration, development, and support today.

It was all the more upsetting, when Wilfried had to take some time off from the company due to health reasons. But, to everyone’s relief, he returned with a part time post in the company after a long recovery period. Then, he was mainly active in the areas of system administrator and internal administration.

After such a long time, we now have to send off Wilfried to his well-deserved retirement. But a small silver lining remains: Wilfried will continue working for us part time twice a week. We are glad to be able to hold on a little while longer. We want to wish Wilfried a relaxing retirement and want to thank him for decades of loyalty.