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Workshop Optimisation and Special Programming at Meister-Treppentechnik

The company Meister-Treppentechnik (MTT) from Bavaria, Germany, manufactures ca. 600 treads per shift with one-man-operation. In the past MTT used different software packages for communication with the warehouse, plate optimisation, and to operate an old CNC machine. The coordination of the different systems and the fact that their CNC center was outdated and was not supported anymore caused a huge headache for MTT. They ordered a new 3-axis standard machine (Homag) and hired Compass Software to unify the entire software process in their workshop and create special programming that would control all processes from the warehouse management to processing so that everything runs smoothly with Compass Software.

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The Implementation:

  • External CAD tread data is imported and processed for CNC manufacturing
  • Treads are optimised on plates with minimal waste (up to 8 treads on one plate)
  • Warehouse management: which plates are available, optimisation of treads according to plates in stock, delivery of necessary plates
  • Testing of programming internally at Homag to avoid stop in production at MTT, implementation during turn of the year

Download Case Study as PDF

The Benefits:

  • The entire production process is optimised
  • The entire production is controlled with only one software
  • Only one support contact for all areas of production
  • Increased process reliability
  • Similar speed to production output before the transition with promising outlook to save expert staff, which can be utilised for other tasks

Compass Software was extremely competent and flexible when it came to understanding and resolving our challenges. [… ] Due to the fair and correct business procedures, I always felt like I was in good hands with Compass Software. Apart from the quality of their work, I was especially convinced by the pleasant and enjoyable collaboration with them on a personal level!

Hermann Wank – CEO

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