General Manager Milena is National Champion in Powerlifting

We want to congratulate our General Manager Milena Schaefer for her victory in the American National Powerlifting Championships.

Milena competed against many opponents at the United States Powerlifting Association┬┤s (USPA) National Championships in Columbus, OH at the beginning of September. She was able to win 1. place in her weight class. Powerlifting competitions consist of three events. Athletes have to compete in the squat, benchpress, and deadlift. The result is calculated from the best successful lift out of 3 attempts. The athlete with the highest total result wins the respective weight class. Milena was able to achieve a total of 527.5 kg / 1,164 lbs. (205 kg / 452 lbs. squat, 112.5 kg / 248 lbs. benchpress, 210 kg / 464 lbs. deadlift). We are proud and impressed by her achievement!

Watch her best lifts in the videos below!