HOB Publishes Piece about Plate Optimization 2.0

The woodworking magazine HOB published an extensive story about the Compass Software Plate Optimization 2.0 module in their 11/12-2020 issue.

The Compass Software nesting module guarantees the best possible utilization of plates with minimal waste. Manual post-processing becomes obsolete. A comprehensive warehouse management system ist already included, or, if one already exists, it can be integrated seamlessly. Plate Optimization 2.0 can be utilized for stair building and other timber processing areas. Even other materials in plate format are possible. 

The integration of robots, cranes, and/or pin-tables makes it possible to automate the entire process completely. 

You can read more in the German-language story here: HOB Plattenoptimierung 2.0: Nesting im Treppenbau

HOB story