Magazine Holzkurier reports: Compass Software has "arrived" in the timber industry

The German magazine Holzkurier reported about Compass Software as a capable partner for timber and cross-laminated timber producing companies in their year-end issue (51-52/2020).

The story describes the restructuring of our project management with Lukas Hollinderbaeumer as the head of the department, as well as the founding of our new branch in the South of Germany. 

The new project management department is focused on large projects in the areas of stair building, timber, and CLT. Furthermore, they also oversee our production management and control (PROKON) projects. This internal restructuring ensures that customers always have a reliable contact person for all questions at Compass Software. 

The founding of our new branch near Rosenheim, Germany extends our reach even more. Customers in the South of German and Austria can be reached faster and receive more personal care.

You can read more in the Holzkurier: Compass Software: Im Holzbau Angekommen

[Translate to Englisch:] Lukas Lukas Hollinderbäumer und Jakob Unger in der Zweigstelle in Bad Endorf
[Translate to Englisch:] Das Compass Software Büro in Bad Endorf.
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