Staircase Construction with Augmented Reality

Compass Software makes it possible to view staircases with AR (Augmented Reality). Watch our YouTube Video here!

Almost everyone has heard of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) these days. Compass Software has already integrated VR glasses into the software for some time now. This technology makes it possible to present staircase designs virtually. The staircase, but also doors, windows, furniture, etc. can be displayed in the virtual reality.

However, the new trend is augmented reality! We utilize the Microsoft HoloLens to make the AR technology possible. When using the AR glasses, the user is able to see his or her real surroundings and at the same time it is possible to project virtual elements, e.g. staircases, into this reality. The AR glasses are an immense help for sales, since customers are able to see the virtual staircase in the actual room. Furthermore, the visualization helps to avoid construction mistakes at an early stage.

Watch our YouTube video!

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