Three Compass Software Customers Develop New Fire Protection Staircase

German Compass Software customers Bäthe Treppen, Franz Hasler AG, and Treppenbau Ihle have developed a new fire protection staircase that gives fist responders valuable additional seconds.

The industry magazine BM wrote: The new fire protection stair fulfills the F30-B Fire Protection Standards and surpasses other models on the market by 15% when it comes to burn resistance. This saves first responders and residents valuable minutes in an emergency, which might make the difference between surviving and dying. The fire protection stair is mainly used in buildings class 1 to 3 (below 7m / 23 ft. high) and is implemented during renovations. The heightened burn reistance is achieved by using special fire-stop-elements (patent pending), which make the stair safe during fires for a longer time period. 

You can read the German language article here:

Drei Treppenbauer entwickeln neue Brandschutztreppe: Minuten, die Leben retten können