Company Luxholm Upgrades with New Machines and Software Update

The company Luxholm Bauelemente Werk GmbH from Germany has been producing customized staircases and handrails, as well as affordable standard space-saver stairs, which, on request, can also be customized to customer wishes, for more than 40 years. Next to all common staircase types, Luxholm also produces special stringer-stairs that have replaceable treads. If a tread is damaged the builder can remove the individual tread and Luxholm will fix it free of charge. The special programming required for this feature, was developed for the stair builder by Compass Software. In early 2019 the company purchased two new SCM machines, which were also connected by Compass Software. As part of the 2019 upgrade, Luxholm also implemented the Software provider’s plate optimization and table arrangement solutions, which have resulted in significant savings in time and material during CNC processing.

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[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Geschäftsführer Dirk Elsner der Firma Luxholm Bauelemente Werk GmbH, berichtet von Compass Software.

I am convinced that the combination “Staircase-Compass” is currently the best available option on the market. We are and always have been very satisfied with our cooperation. Whether it was installations and the control of machines, or special programming for separate work processes – everything has always run smoothly. ​​I am familiar with comparable providers and their possibilities to some extent, but Compass Software offers the most effective and most efficient applications for staircase construction in my opinion. We highly appreciate that they always keep their commitments and they reply fast to inquiries.

Dirk Elsner - CEO

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