The Service Team is Growing

Our Service Team is welcoming its newest member. Alexander Huebner has joined the team at the beginning of the year. The German has ample experience with Compass Software. For the last 12 years he had been working for our Norwegian customer Melby Snekkerverksted AS. First, Alexander completed vocational training as a carpenter at the Norwegian stair builder’s workshop. After finishing his training, he continued his education and completed training to become a CNC operator and later learned how to design staircases on the computer programs.


Thus, Alexander did not only become fluent in Norwegian during his time up North, but he also collected vast experience in stairbuilding, machining, and the software itself. This is also the reason, why he is such an important asset to our Service Team. Alexander does not only know the software, but he also knows our customer’s concerns first hand, since he was working with our software on the customer side for 12 years. Another excellent resource for all Compass Software users.

We are happy to have scored such a capable addition to our team and we are looking forward to working closely with Alexander. Welcome!

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Das Compass Software Team wird seit Anfang des Jahres durch Alexander Hübner unterstützt.