Belgian Stair Builder Implements Robot to Increase Productivity

The Belgian family company Trappen Verschaeve has been producing stairs for almost 60 years. With the production of more than 2000 stairs annually, they are one of the biggest stair builders in the region. The company is always on the lookout for new technologies and ways to become more efficient. Earlier this year Verschaeve purchased a robot, which is controlled by Compass Software.

The owners of Trappen Verschaeve trust in Compass Software

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Bjorn Verschaeve recommends Compass Software

I can only recommend Compass Software to fellow stair builders. I am constantly on the lookout for alternatives on the market, but there is nothing better out there than Compass Software [...] Compass Software always comes up with solutions much faster than some of the other software companies we work with. They always seem to think ahead.

Bjorn Verscheve

Trappen Verschaeve uses robots to increase productivity

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The robot loads the material onto the CNC machine
Compass Software controlled robotic loading at Verschaeve