BM online Features Impressive Project of Customer Hokon

The sticking stair built by Compass Software customer Hokon in Norway, was featured in the November edition of BM online.

The stair can be found in Stavanger, Norway in the SpareBank 1 building. The structure is one of the biggest wood buildings in Europe. The BM online story impressively describes the entire building process from design to assembly. It was a true large-scale logistical effort. The architects had been searching for a stair builder who dared to take on the impressive project for a long time until the found Hokon.

Compass Software┬┤s CAD/CAM stair building software was used for the design. Due to the large size of the staircase, Hokon also utilized our CAM Timber program for the production of parts. All data was imported in BTL format and processed with the Compass Software post processor. 

We are still in awe of this truly impressive staircase project!

You can read the German-language story here and view some pictures: BM Online