CAD/CAM Installation at Carpentry Alfred Petersen

Our new customer Alfred Petersen Bau- und Möbeltischlerei from Germany has been making staircases for a long time. Up until now they drew these staircases with the Wagemeyer-System and then printed the templates on a plotter. These templates were then used for manual production.

Recently, the company acquired a nearby cabinetmaker´s workshop, which was also equipped with a 5 axis CNC processing center. It was time to create a future oriented complete solution for this new workshop. The solution came from Compass Software, whose complete solution could be used for both drawing the staircases and the control of the new CNC machine.

Alfred Petersen Bau- und Möbeltischlerei connects CNC machine with Compass Software

The initial CAD training of Tischlerei Petersen´s employees was conducted in the Compass Software headquarter in Dortmund, Germany. Afterwards, one of our Service Technicians visited the workshop to connect the IMA 5 axis CNC machine and to conduct the CAM training. Even though the machine was previously not used to manufacture staircases and the fact that Compass Software has never connected this machine type before, the installation went smoothly. Our technician was able to adjust the CNC code so that the machine could run with Compass Software. To test the code, the team milled treads, risers, posts, stringers, handrails with omega profile, and stringer wreaths. We would like to thank the Tischlerei Petersen for their trust in us and we are looking forward to a successful partnership now and in the future!