Congratulations for Completing the Apprenticeship in Record Time

We are congratulating our “former” trainee Robin Valerius, who has successfully passed his state exam for becoming a certified IT Specialist with a Focus on Application Development.

Robin had been training with us since August 2018. Now, he completed his apprenticeship in a record time of only 1.5 years. That is the least amount of time that is allowed for this certificate. If less time were possible, we are sure Robin would have done that as well! The topic of his final assignment was the development and implementation of a new fitting (tread connector) in Compass Software.

Robin will continue to work for Compass Software. We were able to secure Robin for our development team straight after he passed his final exam. He will continue developing in the area of staircase design (groundplan and height construction). We are looking forward to working together and a shared future. Congratulations!

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