Connection of New Post Machine at K. van Sambeek B.V.

After installing a SCM Accord 25 last summer, our service once again visited the company K. van Sambeek B.V. in the Netherlands. This time Compass Software connected a Houfek post machine.

Based on the vast experience our Service Technician Gereon Max has collected with Houfek machines over the past years, he was able to conduct the CAM installation in only one day. The post production at K. van Sambeek is much faster now. The new post machine makes it possible to manufacture two identical posts in the same amount of time that was required for the production of one post before. The machine also makes the creation of individual posts faster. Previously the company had to use a table machine for post production, which is slower than the specialized machine. Therefore, the company is able to increase the entire production output significantly.

Just like with the parts that are produced on the SCM machine, the workshop utilizes the extremely easy to use barcode system for the control of their post production: Scan the barcode of the post you want to manufacture and you're done. All crucial steps, such as the calculation of tool paths, the generation of the CNC programs, and the transfer of data to the machine, are conducted quietly in the background. The machine operator simply has to put the wood on the machine and press the start button. Barcode control results in additional savings of time and costs for the company. The entire production at K. van Sambeek is a complete success. We continue to wish them all the best and we are looking forward to the next project. 

Compass Software connected a Houfek Post Machine at the Company K. van Sambeek B.V. in the Netherlands.