New Employee for the Compass Software Project Management

The Compass Software branch in South Germany got a new staff member on February 15, 2021. We are happy to welcome Johannes Neth to the team!

Johannes will be responsible for the technical project execution within our project management team. Johannes has already been able to collect plenty of experiences in the wood business during his career. His wood career started with a carpentry apprenticeship. After successful completion of his certification exam, Johannes worked as a carpenter both in Italy (via a special EU project) and in Germany.

After returning to Germany, Johannes started a wood technician college degree in Rosenheim. During his university career, Johannes was engaged in several scientific projects that dealt with topics surround automation as a working student. Next to the theoretical knowledge, he was also able to gain valuable practical experience during an internship semester at the CNC manufacturer SCM in Rimini, Italy. Now, Johannes wants to write his master thesis on one of the timber projects at Compass Software.

Johannes Neth

Equipped with this extensive knowledge, Johannes perfectly complements the existing know-how at Compass. His background and interest in topics surrounding automation and timber construction fit into our project management area like a glove. Furthermore, his open and likeable personality make him the ideal new member for our team. 

Besides work, Johannes is a man of many talents as well. At the young age of 10 he joined a circus and was active as a circus performer and trainer for 10 years. He also likes to play guitar, piano and djembe. We are looking forward to receiving an all-round show with acrobatic and musical elements soon ;-) Welcome!