New Machine for Customer Kreuzberger

Our Service connected a new machine for German customer Treppenbau Kreuzberger in early February.

The SCM Accord 40 FX with 5 axes and automatic vacuum cups replaced an old MAKA machine at the woodshop. The installation was completed successfully. The customer and our technician milled all standard parts for control. During the visit, the customer was also made more familiar with the new automatic vacuum cup technology. The team had time to conduct a small training unit. Next to the CNC machine installation, the Compass Software network solution was also installed for the stair builder. This module makes it possible to use the program from different workstations in the network. We wish Treppenbau Kreuzberger all the best with the new machine and are looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Compass Software installs new SCM machine at Treppenbau Kreuzberger.