New Post Processor and Optimization Coaching for Comfort Trappen

In September, our Service installed a new post processor for the upright processing of handrail parts on a Reichenbacher CNC machine built in 1996 at Comfort Trappen in the Netherlands. The age of the machine was a challenge but with a few tricks our technician was able to configure the post processor and successfully mill a first handrail part. During the training the team also optimized processes on Comfort Trappen’s Biesse Rover C6 machine. The Biesse CNC machine has two heads, but only one tool magazine. Up until now, the two spindles were equipped with tools separately, which eliminates the efficiency effect that comes with having two heads. Our Service Technician optimized the machine processes to where both spindles are equipped with tools simultaneously as often as possible. The adjustment will save approx. 30% of tool changes, which results in an immense saving of time and costs. The team was able to increase efficiency even further, by implementing optimizations for the processing of stringers (stringer pockets are now processed as complete pockets).


Comfort Trappen also has big plans for the future. The stair builder is currently investing in a new office building and showroom. Furthermore they have recently purchased a MMB tread machine with robot, which they want to use for fully automated processing. Comfort Trappen is committed to automating their processes, a project that will be made possible through their partnership with Compass Software. The implementation of barcodes and a new computer infrastructure, both of which are needed as the foundation for the planning and monitoring of production, are next. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Comfort Trappen and to the execution of fully automatic processing in their workshop.