One Day CAD/CAM Consultation at Sonnemans Stairs in the Netherlands

Our Service Technician Gereon Max visited our customer Sonnemans in the Netherlands for a one day CAM training.

Franz Sonnemans does not only sell his exclusive staircase designs in the Netherlands, but also in Germany. The company has managed to set itself apart from the mass market by specializing on producing highly custom, specialized and innovative staircases. Examples can be seen on the visually appealing website:

The company logo of Sonnemans milled into the wood with Compass Software

The production of these special staircases requires an expert knowledge in the usage of both CAD and CAM options in Compass Software.
During the training, our Service Technician was able to answer many detailed drawing questions which the owner and his employee Jan Schijven had. Some of these questions could be solved before they even came up, due to developments in the software that had been made already with the newest versions.

The second major part of the CAD/CAM consultation was the control of the CNC machine, a Reichenbacher Vision from 2010. The successful installation of a processor for the upright processing of handrail parts will trigger several changes during production in the future. The switch from processing horizontally to vertically will enable the customer to produce handrails, top and bottom rails, as well as skirting boards much more efficiently. This is mainly due to the utilization of a 300mm sawing blade in the 5-axis spindle that creates smooth edges, which do not need to be post-processed manually.

Another request by the customer was the possibility to mill the company logo into the entrance post, which serves as a trademark for Sonneman stairs. By tweaking the CAD software slightly, the team made it possible to insert the logo into the post at a specific point just above the entrance tread. Now, the machine mills the logo automatically into the post via a special cycle without incurring extra work for the machine operator. Actually the opposite is true: the execution of a separate parameter program to mill in the logo is now no longer necessary!

At the end of the day Mr. Sonneman was happy to have learned so much about the new developments and advancements in the staircase software and concluded that a CAD/CAM service day like this should be done on a regular basis.

We want to thank Sonnemans Stairs for the longstanding partnership and we are looking forward to keep working with them in the future.

Our Technicians will be happy to visit you as well and help you optimize your possibilities in the areas of CAD and CAM.