Optimization Coaching at Walter Donkers in the Netherlands

Our Service Technician Gereon Max visited customer Walter Donkers from the Netherlands for an optimization coaching. Walter Donkers has been using the Compass Software Staircase Software Program for many years and is producing his exclusive staircase designs on a Robot 5 CNC machine from Müller Maschinenbau.

The one-day coaching was aimed at expanding Mr. Donkers already extensive knowledge of the software even more and gave him the chance to hear about all software news first hand. The optimization coaching more than delivered:

One of the big topics during the coaching were the parts lists, which have been utilized for many years by the company. The parts lists are continually developed further and quite a few new features have been added during the last few years. It turned out that the parts lists used for the planning process have already been extended to do what Mr. Donkers had always wished they could do: A tool for the calculation of total volume of wood consumption for the staircase, which even provides details for the individual construction parts and different kinds of wood. Now he is able to see at a glance how much wood he needs to order and what it will cost him.

Compass-Software open stringer
Compass Software closed stringer
Compass Software Bullnose tread
Compass Software curved stringer
Compass Software timber parts

After discussing some other points regarding the construction process, amongst others the LED Option, which allows users to create light strips and light spots in the stair, the team moved onto the second big topic in the afternoon: The processing of upright handrails. The team, consisting of our technician, Walter Donkers, and his CNC machine operator configured the CNC machine accordingly. The new production technique came just at the right time for Mr. Donkers, who is currently building a staircase for a wedding gown boutique which is five and a half meters wide. The handrails, as well as the CS-wreaths, which have been produced by the company for many years, will be implemented in this stair.

In the end, Walter Donkers was elated about the new knowledge and updates in the software. He concluded that an optimization coaching like his is more than worth its money. We would like to thank Timmerwerken Walter Donkers for the longstanding and close partnership and we are looking forward to the coming years!

Our technicians will be happy to also come visit you and develop hands-on strategies for CAD and CAM with you.